We believe strongly in the quality of our school but we don’t expect you to just take our word for it. Here’s what some of our students and their parents have to say about Tae E. Lee Orleans Taekwondo.

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Jay Sanko (parent)

My three children have been enrolled at Orleans Taekwondo for over one year now.  The passion and ability to teach that Mst. Gibson and his entire team possess is incredible; not only with respect to Taekwondo but also instilling respect, honour, and discipline to all.  My children are excelling not only in Taekwondo but in all aspects of life.  They look forward to every class and have especially enjoyed special opportunities Orleans Taekwondo offers (summer camps etc…). Kudos to Orleans Taekwondo. You offer an incredible program not only for children but for all ages.


Gigi Whited (parent)

Mr. Gibson has exceptional knowledge and skill that is unmatched. His passion for instruction in taekwondo is obvious to anyone observing his classes. He challenges the students to reach their potential but does so in a positive and rewarding manner.

Mr. Gibson and his wife, Lisa, are great role models for younger students. They believe in teaching children to be leaders and not followers so that when they are faced with decisions they have to make on their own, they will make the right ones.

Chantal Mathieu (student, 1st Dan Black Belt, 23 years old)

I’ve been training with Mr Gibson at his school for 12 years now. And not only has my confidence drastically improved, I have made good friends, and there is a sense of family at the school that I have never felt anywhere else.The people I’ve seen, the experience I’ve gained, and the control I’ve learned helps me not only at tournaments, but also in my day to day at home and at work. Thanks to Mr Gibson (the head instructor at the school) and to all the instructors who’ve helped me along my journey I am a much better, stronger, more confident, and more determined person than I ever thought I could be.

Gerry and France Fokas (parents)

When we decided to enroll our daughter Sophia to the program it was all about physical activity, learning self defence and having fun. It’s turned out to be so much more! Both us as parents and her teachers at school have noticed a change in Sophia’s confidence, attentiveness and self discipline which is making a difference in her development both at home and at school. As a four year old just turning five we were a little nervous about her ability to keep up with the program . Although the program is relatively intense for a young child, the instructers are amazing at keeping the children intrested and providing individual attention based on level and ability. Sophia’s constantly learning and loving every minute of it.


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Jiayue Zhan (student)

Training at Orleans Taekwondo has not only benefited me physically, but also mentally; teaching me the importance of perseverance, control, integrity, courtesy and loyalty. Orleans Taekwondo is a place where everyone is welcome and supported; where we are all a part of a big family. And this is made possible by Master and Mrs. Gibson. They are the core of the school, the ones that set the positive atmosphere at Orleans Taekwondo, always reminding us to “challenge ourselves” and to strive for our goals.


Jeff (student)

I was probably the least likely person to train in Taekwondo. I was introverted, unathletic, and uncoordinated. Sometimes, I’m surprised I could even walk! However, Taekwondo gave me the opportunity to become more outgoing and to less fear confrontation. Most of all, I’ve improved my athletic ability thanks to Mr. Gibson and his instructors precise and extreme attention to detail. I have no doubt that Orleans Taekwondo produces some of the most technically skilled black belts around. I strongly encourage you to give us a try. You’d be surprised at what you can do. Orleans Taekwondo has a very friendly and welcoming community environment.


Evan’s Mom and Dad

In just the last few months, we have seen a significant change in our son’s level of concentration, his confidence and his ability to remember a sequence of movements. Taekwondo has taught that practice and hard work helps to achieve positive results. The Gibsons make learning fun for the children while encouraging them to do their best and have confidence in themselves.


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Ashley (student)

I’ve been enrolled at Orleans Taekwondo for almost a year. I never want to give it up. It teaches you self-defense and discipline. You have fun and you learn a lot.


Connor’s mom and dad

Enrolling my son Connor in Taekwondo has contirbuted to his self-confidence and skill development. He understands what is expected and feels comfortable that he can try his best and be recognized for it. I believe this positive reinforcement is critical for his personal and academic success. The instructors are very patient and provide a positive and safe environment. At Orleans Taekwondo, there is a true sense of “family”, which is administered in a strict and fair fashion under the effective leadership of Mr. and Mrs. Gibson.


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