Taekwondo is a Good Workout & Form of Exercise. Cardiovascular exercises are included in Taekwondo workouts in the form of jump rope, running laps, doing circuit training (often weighted to build muscle strength and durability), and drills. There is constant moving in Taekwondo classes, and all the movements are high energy. The type of exercises done do not just aid in agility, but also build incredible overall body strength. The benefits of Taekwondo are quite numerous, each of which can go a long way in improving both your mental and physical health.

Another upside to practicing Taekwondo is that it works to increase your flexibility. Stretching is of course beneficial because it loosens and limbers your muscles, getting them ready for strenuous activity and greatly reducing the chances of suffering from an injury such as a pulled muscle. Obviously, the more you stretch the longer, more limber, and more flexible your muscles get, thus ultimately increasing the range of motion and increasing how far you can push yourself.

Having better flexibility is also beneficial because it helps to do things like reduce back pain, reduce the chances of injury, increase your ability to balance, and a whole lot more. Taekwondo is for everyone at All fitness Levels! Healthy heart means a healthy body.

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