Orleans Taekwondo Instructors

Master Lionel Gibson and Mrs. Lisa Gibson are the owners of Orleans Taekwondo Academy and with the assistance of all the instructors are dedicated to helping our students achieve their best.

Master Lionel Gibson

Overseeing every class as Orlean’s Taekwondo’s head instructor, 4th Dan Black Belt, Master Lionel Gibson, brings his immense passion for teaching and Taekwondo to every student in the school. As a former provincial champion and both national and international level competitor, Master Gibson believes that Taekwondo is not only for the elite athlete, but for anyone of all ages and body types who wish to develop their bodies and mind to the fullest.

Mrs. Lisa Gibson

Mrs. Lisa Gibson is a 3rd Degree Black Belt and the 2019 European Master’s Game Silver medalist. Mrs. Gibson personifies the culture of Orleans Taekwondo, constantly working to strengthen its community and making sure students of all ages (and their parents) feel at home. An avid competitor in patterns, Mrs. Gibson has won numerous medals and trophies at the Provincial, National and International levels, including winning the National Championship in 2015 and competing with team Canada at the World Championship in Lima, Peru in 2016. Mrs. Gibson was also honoured by Mayor Jim Watson as athlete of the year for 2016.
In addition to Master and Mrs. Gibson instruction at Orleans Taekwondo is also supplemented by our passionate team of black belts.

Master Son Nguyen


Mr. Todd Nalepa


Mr. Julian Gibson


Miss Hanna Gibson


Mr. Mike Teeple


Miss Kyra Massey


Mr. Nicholas Bica


Mr. Theodore Karam


Mr. Alexandros Infante Sang


Orleans Taekwondo is a proud member of the following professional associations.

The Ontario Taekwondo Association

Provincial Association

Taekwondo Canada

National Association

The World Taekwondo Federation

International Association