Sparring and poomsae

Competitive Poomsae

Poomsae (forms) are sequences of movements, consisting of fundamental stances, blocks, punches and kicks, logically arranged in a meaningful order in response to attacks from multiple imaginary assailants.

Orleans Taekwondo offers students an opportunity to participate in Competitive Poomsae tournaments, training which helps with focus, power, and coordination.

This competitive class focuses on conditioning the body to help with the mental and physical requirements faced when performing poomsae in competition.

Olympic-style Sparring

Orleans Taekwondo also offers optional Olympic style sparring classes to train students wishing to participate in Taekwondo sparring competitions and put their skills to the test in action against other Taekwondo practitioners.

These competitions are governed by the following locally, provincially, nationally, and internationally recognized associations.

Grandmaster Tae E. Lee Taekwondo

Local Association

The Ontario Taekwondo Association

Provincial Association

Taekwondo Canada

National Association

The World Taekwondo Federation

International Association